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Anyang machinery Co., LTD. affiliated to China National United Equipment Group corp. was founded in 1968, which is one big state owned enterprise licensed to manufacture pulp and paper-making machinery, cement equipment, chemical equipments, and wind turbine tower under Chinese State owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council. Our products have been exported to Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Malaysia and other countries with stable and reliable performance of equipment.

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Anyang Machinery Co., Ltd. has won high reputation among both domestic and overseas clients by contributing to the market with high-quality and good service.

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Self-Realization And The Pursuit of Excellence

chemical pulp process Chemical Pulp Process

We possess A2 class pressure vessel design and manufacture of qualification, like reactor, storage tank and heat exchanger are our famous products, and we offer customization with accordance with ASME standard.

apmp pulping process APMP Pulping Process

APMP pulping technology which is characterized by the color paste with high whiteness, high yield, the use of chemical supplies consumption, little pollution, is a new technique to get the high yield pulp.

cement production process Cement Production Process

Our products can offer a complete set of cement equipments, including tube mill, vertical mill, rotary kiln, aggregate production line, duct collector, clinker silo and kiln head bag filter etc .

pressure vessel Pressure Vessel

We master A2 design certification of pressure vessel. We can make different designs according to customer's requirements and manufacture various kinds of pressure vessels.

general chemical product General Chemical Product

Our laundry powder production line and oleochemical industry equipment, have advanced technology and high production ability. We have already completed a lot of projects.

wind power tower Wind Power Tower

Every procedure during producing towers precisely and professionally, like NC blanking, bending, welding, testing, abrasive blasting, painting, storage and transportation.


Quality And Efficiency To Win The Trust Of Users

Vertical Lathe

It can process pieces with diameter of 10m and height of 4m.

vertical lathe
Rolling Machine

It can process pieces with thickness of 120mm and width of 3.2m.

rolling machine
bending machine
Bending Machine

It can process pieces with thickness of 20mm and length of 12m.

boring and milling machine
Boring And Milling Machine

This reliable equipment is widely used in papermaking and chemical industry.

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Green Liquor Semi-chemical Pulp, Non-sulfur Semi-chemical Pulp and Mechanical Processing

Green Liquor Semi-chemical Pulp In recent years, it is the development result that semi-chemical pulp is produced by use of green liquor of ordinary sulfate with the sulfidity of 25% or green liquor with high sulfidity (50%) after being rem...

Neutral Sulfite Semi-chemical Pulp and Sulfate Semi-chemical Pulp

Semi-chemical pulp and chemical mechanical pulp are the pulps produced by both chemical method and mechanical method. Its production process includes two stages of chemical pre-treatment and mechanical after-treatment. Because the condition...

The Application Fields for Different Types of Pressure Vessels

Pressure vessel refers to the closed devices that can contain gas or liquor and bear a certain pressure. The application of pressure vessel is extremely extensive. They have taken the important position and role in many fields such as indus...