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What are the Advantages of Wind Energy Compared with Thermal Power?

Wind energy is one of renewable energy sources. The advantages of wind energy are natural, clean, highly-renewable, economic and environmental. Driven by the depletion of fossil energy, energy supply security and environmental protection, since the mid-1970s, the world's major developed countries and some developing countries have attached importance on the development and utilization of wind energy. Wind energy has been the most promising green energy source in the 21st century and the main new power source for the sustainable development of human society. In China, the number of wind power generation has grown at an annual rate of around 50% in recent years. When everyone is talking about the uses of wind energy, he must tell others wind energy pros and cons. But through dozens of years of the uses of wind energy, everyone can also speak that the advantages of wind energy have been getting more and more obvious nowadays. What are the advantages of wind energy compared to traditional thermal power specifically? This article will be revealed them in details for everyone.
Advantages of Wind Energy

Environmental Advantage Of Wind Energy

What is energy used for? The answer is people life. If the environment of people life is getting worse and worse due to the energy used, what will people do? Yeah, choose new energy.

At present, the world's environmental conditions are deteriorating. The greenhouse effect caused by the use of coal's thermal power generation is an important factor that is not conducive to environmental protection. Relative to thermal power, the positive impact of wind power on the environment is that it does not emit nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, dust, other pollutants and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Modern thermal power plants have certain methods for the desulfurization of coal. However, the main cause of greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide, which cannot effectively reduce emissions. Wind power does not emit any harmful gas. It is one of main clean energies. Greenhouse gases play an important role in curbing the damage caused by global warming. In addition, wind energy is a renewable energy source compared to coal. The sustainable development path in the world has become the consensus of all countries in the world today. For thermal power, it is an unsustainable development model that consumes fossil energy. Since the 20th century, the use of global fossil energy has risen rapidly and fossil energy has been exhausted. The wind energy is inexhaustible in line with the requirements of sustainable development. 100 million KWH of wind power can save 30,000 tons of standard coal, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 90,000 tons and save more than 200,000 cubic meters of fresh water. If these energy and environmental factors are converted into economic benefits, wind power will have a much greater economic advantage than thermal power.

Therefore, wind power has attracted the attention of all countries in the world and has been widely developed and utilized in dozens of countries around the world.
Thermal Power

Economic Advantage Of Wind Energy

What is energy used for? The answer is people life. If the cost of people life is getting higher and higher due to wind energy, what will people do? Yeah, abandon it! But the fact is not like that!

In the past, the higher price of wind power was considered to be an important factor affecting the development of wind power. However, with the maturity of wind power technology, the quality of equipment products is reliable and the availability rate has reached more than 95%, and so the economics of wind power generation is increasing day by day. The cost of wind power is declining and has now dropped to 0.5-0.6 Yuan per KWH in China. This is the total cost of wind power. It can be said that the cost of power generation is close to that of thermal power. Although the price of wind power is still two times more than that of thermal power, people may ignore the social costs behind it and just consider the cost of the enterprise habitually. Wind power is much cheaper if it comes to other costs such as environmental pollution. At present, the full cost of thermal power is 0.2-0.3Yuan per KWH in China, but this does not include the treatment cost of pollutants discharged. Moreover, thermal power generation is also affected by the fluctuation of fossil energy in price. Wind energy is inexhaustible and there is no raw material cost.

Flexible Investment Scale

What is energy used for? The answer is people life. If the investment of people life is getting higher and higher due to wind energy, are people still willing to invest it? No, impossible! But the investment is getting flexible beyond the imagination.

The construction period of wind power station is short. It takes only a few weeks to install and commission a single unit. It takes only six months to one year from civil construction, installation and commissioning. This is unmatched by thermal power. The scale of investment is flexible. It can be used as an effective way to solve the production and living energy of coastal islands, remote mountainous areas with inconvenient transportation, vast grassland and pastures and rural and frontiers that are far away from the power net.
Wind power tower for wind energy

Industrial Advantages Of Wind Energy

If the uses of wind energy are popular in many fields, people must solve the problems touching on the equipment manufacture. So what are the industrial advantages of wind power?

Compared with thermal power with long development time, wind power is an emerging development industry, and its prospects and potential are far higher than other power industries. Nowadays the wind power industry has already had three major market conditions to accelerate itself:

  • First, the industry's growth rate has slowed down. After more than 100% annual market expansion in the past five years, the wind power market has ushered in a clear turning point this year.
  • Second, the equipment prices are low. At the current price level, the downside is not large enough to be seen as the bottom area of the industry price, which is close to the market acceptable price range.
  • Third, the concentration of the industry has further increased, facilitating the concentrated development of the wind power industry.

Don’t talk about wind energy pros and cons, the advantages of wind energy are obvious. No doubt, the uses of wind energy are in the period of rapid development, and the development potential is much higher than other power industries. For wind power related industries, such as major component manufacturers, gearboxes, motors, blades, electronic control systems, transformers, bearings, etc. have broad prospects for the development. It will bring huge benefits and provide a lot of jobs. It will have a huge positive impact on improving the employment rate and stimulating the improvement of regional economic development.