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APMP Pulping Process

APMP Paper Pulp Processing Technology

APMP pulping process technology which is characterized by the color paste with high whiteness, high yield, the use of chemical supplies consumption, little pollution, is a new technique to get the high yield pulp. Less chemical and drugs for bleaching, hydrogen peroxide do not like chemical pulping that generated a large number of black liquor, so APMP pulping process causing no pollution to the environment.

apmp pulping process

Due to factors such as the shortage of wood resources, environmental protection pressure and energy consumption, the paper pulping methods with high yield, low pollution, and low energy consumption has become an urgent problem of paper pulp processing for paper pulper manufacturers. In 1989, ASB Company launched the APMP paper pulp processing, i.e. Alkaline Peroxide Mechanical Pulp, on the basis of BCTMP. It has the outstanding advantages of high yield, good strength, less pollution and low energy consumption. It has broken traditional concepts of paper pulp processing. The cooking and bleaching processes are simultaneously completed in a single chemical pretreatment process, simplifying paper pulp processing and reducing investment costs by 25% or more greatly. At present in the world, many countries (Including China) have adopted this technology and the application prospects are very optimistic.

Application Scope of APMP Pulp Production Line

At present, the application scope of APMP pulp production line mainly touches on beech, spruce, poplar, pine and non-wood fiber of raw materials such as kenaf, straw, grass and so on. These types of APMP paper pulp processing technologies are relatively mature internationally. Anyang machinery Co., LTD. is manufacturing APMP paper pulping machinery for many years, we also done a lot of work in this area and provided a reliable technical basis for the production line. Our advantage is very obvious in manufacturing APMP paper pulping machinery.

Many research institutes in China, such as scientific research institutes, have conducted extensive and in-depth research on APMP pulp. Their research includes: Blue clam APMP pulping process with high value-added paper (Such as LWC paper, SC paper), mixed hardwood (55% of eucalyptus, 30% of ashtree, 15% of birch) APMP pulping process and Acacia APMP pulping process. At the same time, non-wood wheat straw and Kenaf are studied. Their strength properties were similar to those of poplar, but their whiteness is low. These limit the application. Through the researches, APMP paper pulp processing technology is quite mature. Besides, China's APMP paper pulping machinery is developed based on active cooperation. The APMP pulp production line is used by users, proving that its performance is good.

In sum, APMP pulp has the advantages of strong adaptability of raw materials, high yield, high strength, wide application scope, low investment cost, low energy consumption, small pollution and easy management. APMP products can be used for making high-white offset newsprint paper, lightweight coated paper and double-script writing paper.

APMP Production Line Mainly Equipment

apmp production line mainly equipment
  1. Conveying screw: Various series specification and diameters conveying Screw, according to different  APMP production line processing requirement, material of spiral conveyer mainly including carbon steel and stainless steel
  2. Tearing Machine
  3. Heat Recovery Equipment: Atmospheric Scrubber and pressure scrubber.
  4. Condensing Equipment.
  5. Tanks as chip silo, latency chest, HC tower, filtrate chest etc.

Supporting APMP production line equipment users: Jiangsu Jindong Paper Company, Shandong Taiyang Paper Company