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Tube Mill

Tube Mill

Tube mill is mainly used for cement plant finished products and raw material grinding, also apply to metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power and other industrial and mining enterprises grinding all kinds of ores and other grindability of materials. Tube mill is very important modern fine grinding equipment; large tube mill production capacity is high.

Tube mill machine has strong adaptability to raw materials and can continuous production, and the broken than large, easy to adjust the fineness of grinding products, etc. It can be dry production or wet production, can also be grinding and drying at the same time operations.

The tube mill has the characteristics of a large crushing ratio, large production capacity, strong adaptability to the material, easy to replace the wear parts and so on. The main components of the tube mill are: cylinder, feeding part, discharging part, transmission part and so on.

large output tube mill

The finished product has high fineness and large specific surface

Compared with other enterprises in the same industry, the cement produced by our cement tube mill has the advantage of high fineness and large specific surface. The cement process has excellent quality, high hydration reaction speed, fast strength development, and good intensity after hardening.

High efficiency and large output

We have rich experience on the cement manufacturing process, and our technology take a leading place in the industry. Compared with other products in the same industry, the tube mill output increases by 15-20%, power consumption reduces by 10%. Moreover, the temperature of finished product can reduce by 10-20℃.
advanced technology tube mill

Advanced technology and good continuous behaviour in service

Our double sliding belt cylinder mill is the domestic first mill that has fundamentally resolved the difficulty of “cannot run continuously due to overheating of sliding belt axis tile at the discharge end” compared with similar product, which therefore won the national practical new type patent. Many examples have demonstrated that the tube mill equipment can run steadily and continuously for a long time.

Tube Mill Technical Parameters

Spec/M Output
Mill speed
Mill feeding size
Grinding medium loadage
Effective volume
Driving mode Main motor/
Main reducer Weight of equipment
Φ3.2×13 45-50 17.8 ≦20 128 92.4 brim YR1600-8/1430/1600 MBY1000 JDX1000 218
Φ3.2×14 48-52 18.04 ≦25 138 99.8 brim YR1800-8/1430/1800 MBYX1100 228
Φ3.5×13 58-68 17.09 ≦20 160 111.2 brim YR2000-8/1730/2000
Φ3.8×12 80-95 16.6 ﹤25 175 123.6 core YRKK800-8/2500 JQS2500 203
Φ3.8×13 75-90 16.4 ﹤25 195 129.3 core YRKK800-8/2500 MFYX250 286
Φ4×13 90-95
(circle flow)
15.5 ﹤25 235 155 core YRKK900-8/3150 MFYX315 376
Φ4.2×13 120-145
(circle flow)
15.6 ﹤25 240 157 core YRKK1000-8/3550 JQS3500 354.6
Φ4.2×14.5 130-150
(circle flow)
15.6 ﹤25 250 162 core YRKK1000-8/4000 MFYX420 263
Φ4.6×14 105-140
(circle flow)
15 ﹤25 285 179 core YRKK1000-8/4200 MFYX420 485
Φ4.6×14.5 115-150
(circle flow)
15 ﹤25 290 181 core YRKK1000-8/4500 MFYX450 496

(circle flow)

14.5 ﹤25 300 185 core YRKK1000-8/5600 MFYX560 513
Φ5.0×15 155-170
(circle flow)
14.5 ﹤25 350 215 core YRKK1000-8/6300 MFY600 604