Welcome to CNBM, we are professional paper pulping production manufacturer in the world!


Project Design

We are committed to designing the most suitable paper pulping project according to the actual needs of customers, including the equipment specifications and models. We can also provide technical training for customers to master certain technical knowledge and machine maintenance skills.

Reliable Paper Pulp Machine Supply

We have a professional R&D team with 120 engineering technicians and technical staves to provide you high quality design and production plan for your paper pulping line. Professional team and advanced technology create an outstanding quality pulping equipment production!

Installation and Commissioning

Our professional installation and commissioning team can guide you to complete the plant construction, workshop rebuilding and electrical construction. In addition, senior technical personnel would be sent to help you make the paper pulping machines operate steadily for free.

Operation and Maintenance Training

Due to the correct operation and maintenance of the paper pulping machines, we are conscientious about training the technicians and workers on how to operate and maintain the machines based on the manual and the practical conditions, which makes the complete paper pulping line operate stably and efficiently, produce high quality paper pulp and serve for longer time.