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Grease Chemical Project

Grease Chemical Project

Anyang Machinery Co.,Ltd. being a competitive grease chemical products supplier. Based on internationally advanced technologies, we have researched and developed equipment and process of grease hydrolysis under high pressure and continuous distillation, where vegetable fats are used as raw material, and the yield reaches 150-350T per day, the production course is controlled by computers, which is characterized of high yield, low consumption and high product quality.
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We have many successful grease chemical projects as below:

  1. Annual yield of 50000T grease hydrolysis and fatty acid distillation project of Shanghai Soap-Making(Group) Rugao Co., Ltd.
  2. 6000kg/h fatty acid neutralization project of Shanghai Soap-Making(Group) Rugao Co., Ltd.
  3. Fatty acid hydrogenation workshop project of Shanghai Soap-Making(Group) Rugao Co., Ltd.
  4. Annual yield of 82500T grease hydrolysis and soap forming project, stage I construction of Zhejiang Jiabao Chemical Co., Ltd.
  5. Whole movement and rebuilding of Hangzhou Grease Chemical Co., Ltd.
  6. Fatty acid saponification replacing boilers energy saving and technical reform project of Cnnice Group Co., Ltd.
  7. Fatty acid continuous neutralization replacing boilers energy saving and discharge reduction project of ZhejiangHuanuo Chemical Co., Ltd.
  8. Annual yield of 82500T grease hydrolysis and soap forming project of Maanshan Liby Chemical Co., Ltd.

Grease Chemical Products Supplier

AM is a leading grease chemical products supplier, its products include large chemical vessel, tower, reaction kettle, heat exchanger, a complete set of pulp production line, batch cooking equipment, a complete set of pulping equipment for large chemical pulp production line, APMP poplar CMP equipment, multi-disc vacuum filter and complete sets of equipment for hollow brick, fly ash brick and aerated concrete block of production line. Meanwhile, AM is also working hard in a large number of the design, manufacture, and installation of the pressure vessel and machinery equipment referring to the industries of metallurgy, building materials, power and environmental protection, etc. in recent years.
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Thanks to AM global expansion strategy and marketing plan, AM has signed contracts to supply grease chemical products to many countries and areas, including domestic, Southeast Asia, Africa area, etc. In order to service our clients better, we set up a professional service team, and there are more than 400 workers and 180 various expertise technicians with 70 intermediate & senior titles. If you have any questions about the product, the problem will be solved at the first time.