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Multi-Disc Vacuum Pulp Filter

Multi-Disc Vacuum Pulp Filter

Multi-disc vacuum pulp filter as the latest generation of the equipment of white water recovery and pulp thickening, it can save energy, reduce water consumption and fiber loss, meanwhile protect environment and prevent pollution.Multi-disc vacuum pulp filter is mainly applied to white water recovery and pulp thickening in a papermaking plant. Its performance has successfully reached the advanced standards of China.

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Advantages of Multi-Disc Vacuum Pulp Filter:

To get high rate of fiber during the process of white water recovery, achieving water circulation, reducing water consumption, preventing white water pollution.
With large and good effective filtering area, various sectors are economical and of high strength and easy to dismantle.
Multi-disc vacuum pulp filter complete specifications of the equipments; to change filtration area according to different production requirements;
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Adjustable distribution valve made of special wear-resistant material with good sealing performance; Composite sealing strip can provide with best sealing effectiveness;
Compact structure, less floor space, high production capacity;
Good economic and social benefit.

Main Technical Parameters of Multi-Disc Vacuum Pulp Filter:

 Item ZNH25(model) ZNH35(model) ZNH45(model) ZNH55(model)
Disc Dia. (mm) 2500 3500 4500 5500
Per-disc filtration area (m2) 8.5 16.7 26 38
capacity 0.6-3M3/m3.h (white water recovery)
0.7-1.5t/m3.d (pulp thickened)
Fiber recovery rate (%) >95
Filtrate clarity(mg/L) 20-80
Inlet consistency (%) 0.2-0.6(white water recovery)
0.5-1.2 (Pulp thickened)
Outlet consistency (%) 4-6(white water recovery)
4-15 (Pulp thickened)
MOC SS304 material for parts in contact with product
Vacuum degree (Mpa) 0.02-0.06
Net washing water pressure (Mpa) 0.7
Stripping water pressure (Mpa) 0.7

Series and specifications of Multi-Disc Vacuum Filter:

Disc QTY ZNH25(model) ZNH35(model) ZNH45(model) ZNH44(model)
Overall dimension L*W*H(mm) Overall dimension L*W*H(mm) Overall dimension L*W*H(mm) Overall dimension L*W*H(mm)
4 3885*3035*4168      
6 4485*3035*4168      
8 5085*3035*4168 5510*4100*5361 6319*5450*6060  
10 5685*3035*4168 6210*4100*5361 7019*5450*6060 7415*6400*7235
12 6285*3035*4168 6910*4100*5361 7719*5450*6060 8115*6400*7235
14 6885*3035*4168 7610*4100*5361 8419*5450*6060 8815*6400*7235
16   8310*4100*5361 9119*5450*6060 9515*6400*7235
18   9010*4100*5361 9819*5450*6060 10215*6400*7235
20       10915*6400*7235
22       11615*6400*7235
24       12315*6400*7235
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