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APMP Pulping Process

APMP pulping technology which is characterized by the color paste with high whiteness, high yield, the use of chemical supplies consumption, little pollution, is a new technique to get the high yield pulp. Less chemical and drugs for bleaching, hydrogen peroxide do not like chemical pulping that generated a large number of black liquor.

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Pressure Vessel
  • We master special material welding technology, such as: composite board, 316L, duplex stainless steel, A2 (PV) design and manufacturing certification.
  • The overall transport maximum diameter of 4.5 meters, the maximum height 100 meters for segmented transport.
  • The maximum height: 100 meters.
  • The maximum diameter: 20 meters.
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General Chemical Product

We have high-tower spray dry washing powder production line which has reached internationally advanced level and the yield of single tower can reach 200000 tons per year. Main technique of the high-tower spray dry washing powder production line includes: powder dense phase conveying, automatic front

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Wind Power Tower

Our company has its own product design research and development center and the provincial technology center, technical cooperation with domestic and foreign advanced institutions at the same time, cutting, welding, machining, boutique, spraying, such as mechanical and electrical repair six modern

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