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General Chemical Product

General Chemical Product

Washing Powder Production Line

washing powder production line

We have high-tower spray dry washing powder production line which has reached internationally advanced level and the yield of single tower can reach 200000 tons per year.

Main technique of the high-tower spray dry washing powder production line includes: powder dense phase conveying, automatic front ingredients interval and equipment, double-layer spray guns, back ingredients zero gravity scale, computer aided production course control and so on.

  • Yield of washing powder production line: 10000T/year, 30000 T/year, 100000 T/year, 150000 T/year and 200000 T/year.
  • Characteristics of washing powder production line: front and back ingredients phases for computer aided washing powder production line.
  • Market orientated: domestic, Southeast Asia, Africa.

Grease Chemical

grease chemical

Based on internationally advanced technologies of general chemical product, we have researched and developed equipment and process of grease hydrolysis under high pressure and continuous distillation, where vegetable fats are used as raw material, and the yield reaches 150-350T per day, the production course is controlled by computers, which is characterized of high yield, low consumption and high product quality.

  • Yield of grease chemical: 150T/day, 200T/day, 300 T/day, 350 T/day.
  • Characteristics of grease chemical: Continuous non-cartalysis high pressure adverse hydrolysis Vacuum continuous distillation (fractionation) tower for raw fatty acid distillation (fractionation).
  • Facing market: domestic, Southeast Asia, Africa area.