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Vacuum Drum Pulp Washer

Vacuum Drum Pulp Washer

vacuum drum washer

With the development of paper and pulp technology, pulp and paper machinery is becoming more and more advanced. In the world, most of pulp paper mills are more willing to choose more powerful equipment manufacturers, such as CNBM. In the pulp washing processing, vacuum drum pulp washer is an indispensable washing equipment, which can solve the problem of wastewater pollution and help alkali recovery. With the development of alkali recovery in paper industry and the effective control of the pollution of paper making black liquor, vacuum drum pulp washer plays an increasingly important role. Vacuum drum pulp washer is mainly composed of the drum, tank, plane distribution valve, washing device, stripping device, washing equipment and screw conveyor and other components. The vacuum drum pulp washer uses a conical distributor valve, each drum rotates for one week, and the pulp washing function completes the three processes of slurry filtration, washing and stripping. It is widely used in pulp and paper mills of all kinds of pulp bleaching after washing coarse pulp washing and paragraphs. Vacuum drum pulp washer can use a single, also can use series group.

Single Vacuum Drum Pulp Washer Used Alone

Single vacuum drum pulp washer is commonly used in pulp bleaching processing, according to the corrosion medium or not, the tub is divided into lining glass fiber reinforced plastic (stainless steel) or lining FRP two kinds. The tank body consists of three parts: inlet tank, drum tank and outlet tank. Into the bottom of the slurry tank there are two symmetrical layout into the pulp mouth, above the baffle plate, so that the slurry was buffered, the tank below the two sewage outfall.

Multiple Vacuum Drum Pulp Washer are Used in Series Group

multiple vacuum drum pulp washer

Multiple Vacuum Drum Pulp Washer are mainly used for the extraction of alkaline pulp after cooking and washing, general connection with carbon steel material. In the pulp washing and bleaching production, the pulp enters from the first washer and is discharged from the last washer. The grout must be diluted and stirred between each two sections. Therefore, in addition to the pulp tank, drum groove, discharge tank, there is an intermediate slot between each two units. At the bottom of the middle tank there is a sandwich, two dilutions at the bottom of the sandwich, the diluents from the top of the sandwich row of long holes overflow . The middle of the tank is separated by a steel plate, and the slurry is allowed to pass through the partition. The stripped slurry is diluted and pressed down by the binder roll, and then stirred evenly through the agitator roll. There are also 2 sewage outlets under the middle tank, and the waste liquid can be discharged from this place.

Advantages for vacuum drum pulp washer in paper making process

  • Large production capacity per unit area.
  • Vacuum drum pulp washer designed of conical channel technology can increase filtration fluid velocity.
  • Plane valve adopted of multi-point fixation technique can keep high vacuum degree stable and high-density feed.
  • Plane distribution valve with less space area, more compact structure and convenience to repair.
advantages for vacuum drum washer
  • Corrugated plate can increase effective filtration area and prevent backing flow and plug.
  • Breaking-apart press agitation technology is convenient to improve effects of mixing washing of the vacuum drum pulp washer.
  • Technologies of compound side plate, feeding pulp by weir plate and divided sealing can guarantee stable operation and easy maintenance.
  • Active device is under control of variable frequency speed regulation, reducing power consumption.
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