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Wind Power Tower

Wind Power Tower

wind power tower manufacturer

We are wind power tower manufacturer. Our company has its own product design research and development center and the provincial technology center, technical cooperation with domestic and foreign advanced institutions at the same time, cutting, welding, machining, boutique, spraying, such as mechanical and electrical repair six modern production line workshop, the configuration of the international advanced production equipment, full implement the national standard quality management system, industry leading products in production, really lead their industry trend.

Company’s products mainly include wind power tower, these wind power tower and basic structure, manufacture of petro chemical equipment, etc., wonderful product, advanced manufacturing technology and strong production capacity, and meet all kinds of pressure vessel manufacture and requirement of large scale wind power tower.

Enterprise Qualification Honor

enterprise qualification honor

The Production Flow of Wind Power Tower

Accurate numerical control blanking

accurate numerical control blanking

Efficient rolling forming

efficient rolling forming

High quality automatic welding

high quality automatic welding

Comprehensive quality tests

comprehensive quality tests

Fine sand blasting

fine sand blasting

Multi-level anticorrosive paint

multi-level anticorrosive paint



Wind power tower safety transportation

wind power tower safety transportation

Field installation

field installation