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What Is Wind Generator?

What Is Wind Generator?

what is wind generator

Wind power generation is to take the wind kinetic energy into electrical energy. A wind generator is a device for converting wind energy into electrical energy. As a kind of clean and renewable energy, wind energy has been paid more and more attention by the countries all over the world. Wind energy is huge, the global wind energy is about 2.74 × 109MW, which can be used for wind 2 × 107MW, than the earth can develop and use the total amount of water can be 10 times larger.

The function of the wind generator is to transfer the mechanical energy into electrical energy through the constant speed of the wind wheel, which is transferred to the power generating mechanism through the lifting speed.
wind turbine tower

Wind turbine towers are widely used in Finland, Denmark and other countries; China is also vigorously promoting the use of wind turbine towers in the western region. Small wind turbine generation system is very efficient, it is not only composed of a generator head, but a certain scientific and technological content of the small system: wind generator + charger + digital inverter. The wind turbine consists of a nose, a swivel, a tail, and a blade. Each part is very important, each part function is: the blade is used to accept the wind and turn it into electrical energy through the wind generator head; the tail makes the leaves always facing the direction of the wind to get the maximum wind energy; the swivel can make the nose flexible to rotate to achieve the tail adjustment direction function; the rotor of the nose is a permanent magnet, and the stator winding cuts the magnetic field lines to generate electricity.