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What Paper Pulp Machinery Are Needed In A Pulp Mill?

As a company specializing in pulp production, the pulp mill will be equipped with professional paper pulping machine. Then, what kind of paper pulping machinery is required for a qualified paper pulping line?

Main Paper Pulping Machine in Pulping Production

The main function of paper pulping machine is to make plant raw materials into finished pulp, which requires a series of chemical and physical changes. Pulping is mainly divided into three steps, pulp cooking, pulp washing and pulp bleaching. Each step needs to be done sequentially, and one or more paper pulping machine is used in each step. Different paper pulping machine needs to cooperate with each other to produce high quality pulp products.

Paper Pulp Machinery Used in Pulp Cooking Process

paper pulp digester

paper pulping machine digester

The main equipment used in the pulping process is the paper pulp digester. The paper pulp digester is a pressure vessel with good internal tightness. Because the chemical reaction between the pulping material such as wood chips or grass chips and the cooking liquid must be carried out under high temperature and high pressure conditions after a certain period of time, so the digester is an important equipment for providing such high temperature and high pressure reaction sites for raw materials.

Paper Pulp Machinery Used in Pulp Washing Process

The main paper pulp machine used in the pulp washing process includes vacuum drum pulp washer, single screw pulp press, twin roll pulp press and other related paper pulp machinery.

paper pulp machinery in pulp washing process

Single screw pulp press

A single screw pulp press is a squeezing device for pulp dewatering. The single screw pulp press can achieve high daily production even with low power consumption and effectively handle the slurry. After concentrated by a single screw pulp press, the dry degree of the pulp is uniform and the yield is stable. It is mainly used for the black liquor extraction of large pulp mill, and the black liquor is separated from the slurry by mechanical extrusion of the variable diameter variable pitch spiral. The equipment can also be used to concentrate finished paper pulp and sell directly as commercial paper pulp.

Paper Pulp Machinery Used in Pulp Bleaching Process

The main paper pulping machine used in the pulp bleaching process includes bleaching tower, vacuum drum pulp washer, twin roll pulp press, gravity disc thickener and other related bleaching paper pulp machinery.

Gravity disc thickener

gravity disc thickener in pulp mill

Gravity disc thickener is mainly used for low concentration of pulp concentration and white water recovery. Since the gravity disc thickener does not need to be installed on a higher floor, there is no need to install a water leg tube, and the structure is compact, the screening area is large, and the production energy is strong. The gravity disc thickener is insensitive to changes in the flow rate and concentration of feed pulp and it is widely used and can easily handle high and low freeness pulp. It is the preferred equipment for pulp washing, concentration, pulp bleaching and white water recycling system of the pulp mill.

The above paper pulping machines are the main paper pulp machinery that pulp mill need to include, and it is also indispensable for pulping.