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How is Wind Energy Produced

In recent years, wind energy has become a growing proportion of the world's power pattern. Wind energy relies on specialized wind energy equipment. Through various media channels, most people have also seen the appearance of wind energy equipments. It is believed that the big windmill is impressive. However, most people still lack a little deeper understanding of how wind energy is produced. This article will introduce wind energy equipment to you to help you better understand how wind energy is produced.
How is Wind Energy Produced?

How do Wind Turbines Work Step by Step?

The nacelle contains the key equipment of wind turbine including booster engine and electric generator. At the left end of the nacelle there are wind turbine rotors (rotor blades and shafts). The rotor blades are responsible for capturing and transmitting the wind to rotor shaft. On modern wind turbines, the rotor blades measure about a few tens of meters in length and are designed much like the wings of an airplane.

The axis of rotor shaft is attached to low speed shaft of wind turbine. The low speed shaft connects the rotor shaft to the booster engine. A conduit for the hydraulic system (for resetting the aerodynamic brake of wind turbine) is provided in the shaft to activate the operation of the aerodynamic brake. At the left side of the booster engine is a low speed shaft that increases the speed of high speed shaft up to 50 times of that the low speed shaft. It is equipped with an emergency mechanical brake for use when the aerodynamic brake fails or when wind turbine is being repaired.
How do wind turbines work step by step?

The yawing device can rotate the nacelle by means of an electric motor so that the rotor is facing the wind. It is operated by an electronic controller that can sense the wind direction through wind indicator. When the wind changes its direction, the wind turbine will usually deflect a few degrees at a time. The electronic controller contains a computer that constantly monitors the state of the wind turbine and controls the yawing device. To prevent any malfunctions (For example, overheating of booster engine or electric generator), the controller can automatically stop the rotation of the wind turbine and call the wind turbine operator by a telephone.

How does a Wind Turbine Work?

Since wind energy is a low-density energy source with unstable and random characteristics, the control technology is the key to safe and efficient operation of wind turbines. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a generator system and advanced system suitable for wind power conversion, reliable operation, high efficiency, control and good power supply performance. The control technology is the key to the promotion and application of wind power. Therefore, the generator is definitely an important device. It not only directly affects the quality and efficiency of the output power, but also affects the performance of the entire wind power conversion system and the complexity of the device structure.