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Global Wind Power Generation Application

Nowadays the most of energy sources are non-renewable energy sources in the world. At the same time, their reserves are also limited, such as coal, oil and natural gas.

With society development and productivity advancement, people have had more and more dependence on fossil energy. And the problems such as environmental pollution and global warming have emerged. With the massive exploitation of fossil energy, people are also facing the challenge of energy crisis. In order to protect the environment, curb global warming, ensure energy security and safeguard the sustainable development of human society, many countries around the world are paying more and more attention to renewable energy sources.
energy crisis

Wind energy is a kind of green energy source. With dual pressures of energy crisis and environmental protection, continuous development of wind power technology and continuous reduction of the equipment costs, wind energy has become the most economically exploitable and industrialized development value of renewable energy source besides water energy. And the cost of wind power generation is close to conventional energy.

Wind power generation refers to the conversion of the kinetic energy of the wind into electricity. The necessary equipments for wind power generation are called wind generator. The wind generator can be roughly divided into three parts: wind rotor (Including rudder), generator and wind turbine towers. The wind rotor is an important part of converting the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy. It consists of two (or more) propeller-shaped impellers. The wind generator tower is a framework that supports the rotor, rudder and generator. It is generally built to be much high but with sufficient strength in order to obtain a larger and more uniform wind. The production process of wind turbine towers: accurate CNC cutting—efficient roll forming—high-quality automatic welding—full-scale quality inspection—fine sand blasting—multi-level anti-corrosion spraying paint—high demand for safe transportation—installation on site. The function of the generator is to transfer the constant speed obtained by the wind wheel to the power generation through the speed increase, thereby converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.
Global Wind Power Generation Application

At present, under the implementation of the Renewable Energy Law and the support of the government, a large number of Chinese companies have joined the wind power industry, especially the introduction, research and development of megawatt-scale large-scale wind power technology. The wind power industry has become China's rapidly developing new industry.

Prospects of Wind Power Generation

From the perspective of the global market, the development of the wind energy industry is in the ascendant. Wind energy sources on the earth are very abundant. According to relevant statistics, the annual radiant energy from outer space is 1.5×1018 kWh, of which 2.5%, i.e. 3.8×1016 kWh, is absorbed by the atmosphere, generating approximately 4.3×10 16 kWh of wind energy. The global wind energy industry has gradually matured from the exploration stage. The manufacturers, the developers and the operators have obvious trends of internationalization and integration.

At present, the global wind power market is still led by China, the United States, Germany and India. The performances of the other countries such as France, Turkey and Netherlands have surpassed expectations. The competition in the wind power equipment industry in China is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to seek new growth points and enhance international influence of Chinese products, the major wind power equipment manufacturers have been actively expanding overseas market.
Wind turbine generator system workshop

From the perspective of regional distribution of newly added installed capacity of wind power, Asia has the largest installed capacity of wind power, Europe is followed and North America is ranked the third place.

Due to regional differences, the wind power industry continues to show diversified development trends. In Latin America, Africa and the other Asian regions except China and India, there will be significant new increasing trend. However, in the major markets where global market growth is a decisive factor, the trend of wind power development of some countries is still fluctuating. The differences between regions and the short-term development of the world economy are uncertain, and the impact of these factors on the growth of electricity demand has become the main variable for discussing the development of the wind power industry in the next five years. Although we continue to pay attention to the development of national and regional carbon markets, considering the conditions of global climate negotiations, climate policies and carbon market will not significantly affect global development in the next five years.

The Status Quo of The World's Wind Power Equipment Manufacturing Industry

SGRE Company is a famous German wind turbine manufacturer who has created the peak of new installed capacity in 2017 and won the championship with 8.8GW of new installed capacity. It gained more than 1GW of new installed capacity in Germany, India, the UK and the U.S. markets, demonstrating the competition advantages. SGRE Company ranks first in the majority of regional markets, surpassing Vestas Company in global market. In 2017, wind turbines made by Vestas Company were newly installed in more than 33 countries around the world, but its installed capacity in the America and Europe decreased.
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With regard to offshore wind power, Germany and the UK have driven the development of European offshore wind power. The data shows that SGRE Company had achieved nearly 2GW of the installed capacity in Europe last year. MHI Vestas Company is followed and ranked second depending on the installed capacity in the UK and Belgium in the global offshore wind market.

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