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How To Choose The Location Of A Wind Power Plant?

mountaintop wind power plant

Wind power plant usually has many wind turbines. The wind blows the blades of the wind power tower to produce kinetic energy, and the wind power tower is equipped with a wind power generator. The wind power generator converts the kinetic energy of the blades into electrical energy, which is transmitted back to the base station via the wind turbine tower. Most wind power generation towers use unmodified natural wind for power generation. Their annual average wind speed is more than 3m/s, and the operating wind speed can reach more than 4m/s. The single power output rate is only a few hundred to several kilowatts. If multiple wind turbines are used for combined operation, the vertical and horizontal distance between each wind turbine is at least 20-30m, which requires a wider site, thus increasing the investment. These factors have hindered the development of wind power plants. How to make more effective use of wind energy and choose the optimal location for wind power station to gather wind power reasonably are the first consideration we need to take into consideration.

How is Wind Genergy Generated?

wind turbine structure

How is wind energy generated? Because of the sun's illumination, there are different temperature differences between rocks, oceans, beaches and forests on the earth's surface, resulting in convection of air and wind energy. At the same time, the gravitational attraction of the planet and the autobiography of the earth will produce the heat summer and the cold winter, the warm day and the cold night, the hot surface and the cold air, causing different wind direction and wind power in different seasons. In addition, different topography plays an important role in wind direction and wind concentration. Therefore, wind power plants, like hydroelectric power stations, need to be located and gathered for the construction of wind structures in order to fully and efficiently carry out wind power generation.

How to Select the Location of Wind Power Plants?

The location of the wind power plant is generally selected in the wind inlet and outlet of the larger basin or the wind inlet and outlet of the larger ocean lake. Specific locations such as valleys where high mountains surround basins (or oceans and lakes) are located, or where there are karst caves running through the mountains, are more likely to have greater wind power.

In terms of wind structure construction, the wind inlet and outlet should be selected to construct a building with a wind device with a reverse check valve, and the sealing area will change from large to small according to the law of wind velocity movement along the tuyere from bottom to top. Therefore, the wind energy per unit area is increased to make the wind turbine run faster. Therefore, the wind energy per unit area is increased to make the wind turbine run faster.

The flow of wind is affected by topography, and the velocity of wind is affected by seasonal change. Therefore, the location selection of wind power plant should start from the following factors.

  1. Select the location where the wind is strong at the inlet and outlet of the canyon, such as the valley where the air exchanges between the surrounding mountain basin and low-lying terrain (including lakes, oceans, plains, deserts, etc.).
  2. Wind power plants are constructed at locations where the average annual wind speed is more than 3m/s and the operating wind speed is more than 4m/s, and the time to reach the above two points is more than 4000 hours per year.
  3. Choose the terrain that can build wind power structures and install wind turbines to build wind power stations.
  4. The area at the center of power consumption should be selected.
  5. Traffic roads can be built near wind power stations to facilitate the transportation of materials for wind power towers and the management of wind power stations.
Valley wind power plant

The following issues should be taken into account in the construction of concentrated wind power structures:

  • Choose a terrain with a check valve and two-way wind energy collection to build wind power structures.
  • Choose terrain that can gather wind and lead to a mountainside or mountaintop.
  • It should have the geographic ability to arrange wind turbine plant and power transmission site.
  • There should be a site for the construction and installation of the wind turbine station.
  • The wind power structures need to meet the force requirements of the wind power plant.

For the wind power station, if you choose a good location, it can obtain larger wind energy. Wind power plant can be more ideal with the collection and gathering of wind energy by wind power structures.